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ResourceOne is THE source for curriculum for in-classroom face-to-face instruction, blended, and online training.

Effective, cost-efficient training is the goal of all instructors. The ability to deliver training with successful student outcomes requires cutting-edge tools and techniques. That is what you find at ResourceOne, the most up-to-date training resources based on the latest occupational and adult training best practices. Quality training resources, easy to access, with all the components needed, are now all in one location – ResourceOne.

ResourceOne (R1) provides a one-stop, online location for all IFSTA curriculum and learning resources. Instructors, fire departments and educational institutions who deliver training using IFSTA manuals will find instructional materials easy to access and simple to customize in ResourceOne. No need to wait for a flash drive to arrive in your mail box – find and download what you need at ResourceOne.

Online learning must deliver content, provide students with activities to apply their knowledge, engage students in discussions, and provide frequent interactions with the instructor. When a training program decides to deliver content through e-learning, ResourceOne is ready with the IFSTA learning management system, the ResourceOne Classroom (R1C).

The IFSTA ResourceOne Classroom learning management system (LMS) is provided as a benefit to instructors adopting IFSTA training manuals. The ResourceOne Classroom (R1C) is designed to be blended with a traditional face-to-face instructor led classroom or to replace classroom lessons so that students only attend class to practice and learn firefighter skills. The R1 Classroom provides features to instructors that are commonly available through other commercial learning management systems. Instructors have access at no cost to the ResourceOne Classroom when they demonstrate that they are an instructor and that their organization or department has adopted an IFSTA manual as the text students will use for a course.

In the R1 Classroom instructors will find the commonly developed IFSTA curriculum components provided in an online setting AND additional, premium content for instructors who want a more comprehensive e-learning solution. All instructional plans require that each student have a printed and/or eBook of the IFSTA manual to successfully complete the course.

The ResourceOne Classroom – The IFSTA Learning Management System

  • A benefit provided at no cost to fire departments and educational institutions that use IFSTA manuals
  • Customizable – Instructors can load local information for reading and homework assignments, turn on and off content and even sequence the order of the lessons. The R1 Classroom is fully customizable by the instructor.
  • Tracks student progress and reports to the instructor
  • Grade book feature automatically grades and records scores of quizzes, tests and other student assignments
  • Discussion Forum
  • Secure Access for Instructors and their students
  • Includes IFSTA Curriculum Components
    • Plan of Instruction
    • Syllabus
    • PowerPoint® Presentations
    • Lesson Outlines
    • Learning Activities
    • Clip Art
    • Chapter Quizzes and Tests
  • End of course evaluation and notice of completion for the students
  • Integrated email function
  • Premium components will be available for some manuals
    • Interactive content modules
    • Course Workbook
    • Exam Prep
    • Discussion forum prompts
    • Online student activities
    • Skills videos (Essentials only)

Available Courses to Prepare for NFPA® Certification:

  • Aerial Apparatus – Based on Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook (2nd Edition & 3rd Edition)
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting – Based on Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (6th Edition)
  • Company Officer I & II – Based on Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer (5th Edition & 6th Edition)
  • Firefighter I & II – Based on Essentials of Fire Fighting (6th Edition & 7th Edition)
  • Fire Officer III & IV - Based on Chief Officer (4th Edition)
  • Fire Origin and Cause - Based on Introduction to Fire Origin and Cause (4th Edition)
  • Fire Prevention for Company Officers – Based on Fire Prevention Applications for Company Officers (1st Edition)
  • HazMat Awareness – Based on Hazardous Materials for First Responders (4th Edition & 5th Edition)
  • HazMat Operations – Based on Hazardous Materials for First Responders (4th Edition & 5th Edition)
  • HazMat Technician – Based on Hazardous Materials Technician (1st Edition & 2nd Edition)
  • Instructor I, II & III – Based on Fire and Emergency Services Instructor (8th Edition & 9th Edition)
  • Investigator – Based on Fire Investigator (2nd Edition)
  • Marine Fire Fighting For Land-Based Firefighters  - Based on Marine Fire Fighting For Land-Based Firefighters (3rd Edition)
  • Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator – Based on Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook (2nd Edition)
  • Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator – Based on Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook (3rd Edition)
  • Technical Search and Rescue - Based on Fire Service Technical Search and Rescue (8th Edition)
  • Vehicle Extrication – Based on Principles of Vehicle Extrication (3rd Edition & 4th Edition)
  • Wildland Firefighting - Based on Firefighter's Handbook On Wildland Firefighting Strategy, Tactics and Safety (4th Edition)

Available Courses That Meet FESHE Learning Objectives:

  • Building Construction – Based on Building Construction Related to the Fire Service (3rd Edition & 4th Edition)
  • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems – Based on Fire Detection and Suppression Systems (4th Edition)
  • Fire Protection, Detection and Suppression Systems - Based on Fire Protection, Detection, and Suppression Systems (5th Edition)
  • Fire Prevention – Based on Fire Prevention Applications (1st Edition & 2nd Edition)
  • Hydraulics and Water Supply – Based on Fire Service Hydraulics and Water Supply (2nd Edition & 3rd Edition)
  • Inspection I & II – Based on Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement (7th Edition & 8th Edition)
  • Occupational Safety, Health, and Wellness - Based on Occupational Safety, Health, and Wellness (4th Edition)
  • Orientation and Terminology – Based on Fire and Emergency Services Orientation & Terminology (5th Edition & 6th Edition)
  • Strategy and Tactics - Based on Structural Fire Fighting: Initial Response Strategy and Tactics (2nd Edition)